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"If I were a robot the Aeropress would be my arm" 

With reviews like this and the goods to match, the AeroPress® has become the new household standard when making your morning cuppa. 

This quick and easy espresso coffee maker delivers a rich and aromatic cup of coffee that rivals any other brewing method. The part plunger, part vacuum press is light weight, extremely easy to use and even quicker to clean so you can enjoy a low acidity, rich flavoured coffee every morning!


  • 3 in 1 Brewing:  Immersion, aeration and pressure combine for exceptional, one of a kind flavor and versatility. Make  cold brew, espresso and lattes, all in about a minute. Experiment with temperature, grind size and immersion time to create your own 3 in 1 flavor - rich like espresso, smooth like a pour-over and full bodied like a french press.  ​

  • Fast Immersion:  Presses don’t normally include filtration, but ours does.  You can now use finer grind coffee which brews faster for less acidity, no bitterness and no grit.​

  • Air Pressure: Our unique plunge system uses gentle pressure to push water through the grinds, aerating and extracting only the purest, freshest flavors for a cup with body and finish not normally found in coffee.

Each box includes AeroPress ® coffee maker, scoop, paper filter holder, stirrer and 300 paper filters. 

Paper filter replacements and reusable stainless-steel filter also available.


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