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Nirvana Organic

So good it should be illegal.

Fine organic blend with a signature rich creaminess and notes of malt, cocoa.

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Sample Box (8x100g)

Sample Box (8x100g)

Nirvana Organic

A heavenly blend of organic Peruvian and Nicaraguan beans.

A rich and creamy blend that carries notes of cocoa, hazelnut and malt throughout, with a rounded orange acidity. 

Enjoy this blend any way you like to find your happy place.

Our Beans

The coffee beans we sell are the same as we pour in our cafes. Hundreds of kilos a week get poured for our customers and we want everyone to enjoy the same quality at home or wherever you drink coffee. Our roasting profiles are designed to be enjoyed either black or with milk (dairy, non-dairy, whatever you like), so be bold, be brave, try something new... you never know, you just might like it!

Roasted For You

Slingtown Coffee is roasted for anyone, anywhere. Wherever you are, we believe in the grounding nature that a cup of coffee brings. Whether its on your stovetop first thing in the morning before the kids get up, or making multiple coffees on your espresso machine for family and friends at Sunday brunch, or by a fire with a billy in the middle of nowhere, we’ve got you covered. Our coffee, its full bodied, its bold, its beautiful. Just the way you like it.


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